Hugo Chavez In His Own Words – Selected quotes on Israel


AUGUST 25, 2006

“Israel was committing a genocide in Lebanon and its leaders should be held responsible and should be judged by an international tribune…The Israelis criticize Hitler but have done something worse.”

(Hugo Chavez while visiting China)

AUGUST 8, 2006

“Probably we will sever diplomatic relations [with Israel]. I have no interest in maintaining diplomatic relations, nor offices, nor commerce, nor anything with a state such as Israel, that commits such madness against Palestinians and Lebanese…We feel indignation to see how the State of Israel continues crushing, bombarding, assassinating, dismembering so many innocent people using ‘gringo’ aircraft and using its high military power with the support of the U.S.”

(Speech by Hugo Chavez)

JULY 30, 2006

“What Israel does today against Palestinians and Lebanese is terrorism and fascism.”

(Visit to a univeristy in Tehran, Iran)

JULY 30, 2006

“[The Israeli aggression] is offensive and cowardly. Why don’t they fight against a real army?…They want war because they have the ‘demon’ inside of them, why don’t they behave like soldiers. I am a soldier, confront us soldiers; because cowards bombard children and women’s dwellings who do not have even a stone to defend themselves. How brave should the Israeli soldiers feel that way? I tell you from here, from Tehran, one and a thousand times, assassins, cowards. But simply you are condemned to your end, from the bottom of the soul of the populace will surge the force that will end the empire and its cronies…”

(Press conference with Ahmadinejad during his visit to Iran)

JULY 28, 2006

“The aggression against Palestine and Lebanon is an aggression against us as well. It is an unjustified aggression. IT is a fascist aggression, much like Hitler…Israel is right in criticizing Hitler and the hostility against Jews, we do to, but they are doing the same thing that Hitler did to the Jews. They are killing innocent children, entire families. They destroyed the legitimate government of Palestine, they destroyed the multi-year effort of the road towards peace, looking for a Palestinian state, and now they are targeting Lebanon and have destroyed half of Lebanon…Behind the hostilities perpetrated by Israel is the hand of the U.S. The worse menace that has the future of humanity is the U.S. Empire and one of its instruments of aggression is in the State of Israel. This plan was prepared in detail a long time ago and it was planned in the Pentagon, only that Israel is the executor.”

(Interview with Al Jazeera)

JULY 27, 2006

“Who supported and armed Israel?…The mask is coming off the U.S. This fascism is something similar to what Hitler did: bombard cities, kill innocent children, women and men, and destroy the infrastructure of people. They are demolishing Lebanon. How can you justify that due to the kidnapping of two soldiers, which I condemn, they attack a population, bombarding by using the great U.S. machinery…This was a planned action of war. Behind are the hawkish brains of the Pentagon. Unfortunately, the executor of this fascist aggression is the Israeli military. We urge, in the name of the Venezuelan people, to stop the aggression and for Israel to withdraw from the sovereign territory of Palestine. We ask God to end the violence.”

(Visit to Qatar)

JULY 16, 2006

“There it is again, the flame of the Middle Eastern war and who is responsible? It isn’t the people of Palestine or Israel, it is the U.S. Empire who pushes the Israeli elite to use their aggression against innocent people… They [Israel] do have nuclear arms, but nobody says anything because ‘the empire’ is behind threatening Syria and Iran. When will the madness go away? The desire of dominance of ‘the empire’ could lead the world towards a true Holocaust. God forbid.”

(Inauguration ceremony for Venezuelan Minister of Defense in Caracas)

JUNE 9, 2006

“The State of Israel needs to respect the people of Palestine who have been struggling to bring peace and independence for years…With all the military power and with the support of the U.S. Empire, the State of Israel has acted against the mandates of the U.N. and against world peace and bombarded again and invaded Palestine territory.”

(Statement by Hugo Chavez)

MARCH 3, 2008

“The Colombian government has turned into the Israel of Latin America…similar to Israel in the Middle East, Colombia is invading, bombing and killing the Palestinian people with the intention of preventing a union of the Arabic world…It is the fist of the Empire…we are not going to let them plant another Israel here in Latin America.”

(On Chavez’s show Alo Presidente, after the Colombian government killed Raul Reyes, the second in command of the terrorist organization FARC)

SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

“This morning they found in a neighbor’s home [to the Brazilian Embassy], in the roof of a neigboring home, intercepting equipment – the President told me – made in Israel, one of the latest generation. Israel recognized the [Micheletti] de facto government; I think it is the only government in the world that has recognized it. They have equipment directed to perturbing the mind, trying to cause panic in the few people that are in the Brazilian embassy; they are threatening to incursion in the Brazilian embassy. Do you realise their cavern-like character? I think it is the era of Trucutu. It is the era of the caverns that want to come back here. They will not come back, they will not come back! There are repressed people on the streets. Well, the airports were taken; they are a people that were taken over. Now, who are the coup-backers? It is the Honduran bourgeois, the coup State, the State taken over by the bourgeois, by the rich. Four or five very rich families, they are the owners of the State. We should all read Lenin again: The State and the Revolution, the bourgeois State. They control all, all: the National Congress, the Judicial Power, the Military Force, the State, and the people on the streets are massacred.”
(President Hugo Chavez in his address to the UN General Assembly)


“It is not that the Israelis want to exterminate the Palestinians. They are doing it openly. Remember the last Israeli aggression against Gaza. What is it if not genocide?”

“I think that’s hard to believe. It was a savage attack against an innocent people. The Israelis were seeking an excuse to exterminate the Palestinians.”

“I think we must condemn this aggression and impose sanctions against Israel.

“I am actually a friend of President Ahmadinejad. I am his ally. I thanked him for the technology transfers from Iran to Venezuela. We signed a new agreement last week in Tehran. Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy as France, many countries and why not Venezuela. I speak on behalf of Venezuela and, for me, the use of the bomb would be a disaster. Therefore we must stop and go to a general disarmament.”

(Excerpts from an interview with Hugo Chavez in Venice by Etienne Mougeotte of Le Figario)


“President Assad and I spoke a lot about the situation in the Middle East and the necessary peace in the Middle East and all about the threat of the genocidal State of Israel and its aggressions against the Palestinian and the Syrian people…”

“The State of Israel will continue to be an assassin arm precisely of the Yankee Empire…There are aggressions of the Empire such as announcing the installation of seven military bases in Colombia and they pretend to convert Colombia into the Israel of Latin America.”

“..If the US would take to the UN Security Council the case against the State of Israel and the US, and President Obama would be truthful to his [Cairo] words, because if not he would be a bid demagogue…He should take the case to the Security Council and if Israel doesn’t comply within a present time, to give back the invaded and occupied territories, or cease its aggression against Palestine, against Gaza, against Lebanon, well then they should do an embargo on Israel. The US should retrieve all the military, economic, and political support. This would be easy, I don’t see it as difficult…if the US would do this we woudl see this in the change towards Israel. [For now] it is only rhetoric and under the table the relationship continues with billions of dollars, with nuclear weapons, military support, political support, economic support, ect. The State of Israel will continue to be an assassin arm precisely of the Yankee Empire…There are aggressions of the Empire such as announcing the installation of seven military bases in Colombia and they pretend to convert Colombia to the Israel of Latin America…”

“In Latin America, when the conquerors arrived in the XV century there were 90 million aboriginals living in the region, after 200 years 5 million remained. In addition to that, we have to add the African genocide. It is estimated that 20 million Africans died…This was a genocide, a European genocide. It was a Holocaust, for those who like to talk a lot about the Holocaust…”

(Reporter Hisham Wannous from Syrian National TV interviewed President Hugo Chavez after his trip to Sweida, Syria)


“The State of Israel has become a murderous lackey at the service of imperialism…It’s a genocidal government. I condemn that Zionist government that persecutes the heroic Palestinian people…the people of Israel shouldn’t support a genocidal government.”

(Hugo Chavez visited Sweida, Syria and made the following remarks in front of about 10,000 people, which were also broadcast on government TV in Venezuela)


“If anyone wasn’t to know how to resist Imperialism in all its forms of aggression, come to Damascus, come to Syria…The State of Israel has become an executor branch of the North American Empire and we demand the return of the Golan to Syria. We demand to stop the assasin and savage blockage against the Palestinians.”

(A joint press conference by Presidents Hugo Chavez and Bashar Al Assad)

AUGUST 8, 2009

“The Israeli Minister who is a crook, a burglar, evil and is one of those crazy people from the extreme right that see an Arab and he wants to kill them. He comes to say that in Latin America there are Hezbollah terrorist cells. That in the Guajira region of Venezuela there are terrorist cells.”

(Broadcasted on national TV, Chavez said the following in reference to declarations made by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman while visiting Colombia about the presence of Hezbollah operatives in Venezuela)

JULY 29, 2009

“Colombia wants to be the Israel in Latin America. Colombia is an arm of the Empire…that has converted Israel in its military arm and assassin in the Middle East, to obstruct the unification of the Arab world; and it has managed to succeed. And this is how it pretends to convert Colombia into the Israel of Latin America, to try to obstruct the union of the South American world. This is clear.”

(Chavez said the following in reference made by Israeli officials who were preparing a tour led by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Latin America)

JULY 23, 2009

“We don’t want problems with Colombia but they are present through rivers, they are present through the air, they have Israeli airplanes. Yesterday one of the planes fell there [in Colombia] and the Israeli pilots, the same ones who bombard Gaza and kill children every time they send them. They do not have scruples. Those are mercenaries. They are there the Yankees and the Israelis and they say that there are Hezbollah cells. They are preparing for an aggression. Don’t you dare because they will find here with us the sons of Bolivar willing to defend this land, this sacred land, this mother land.”

(On Chavez’s show, Alo Presidente)

JULY 7, 2009

“It is like Israel does not regard anyone, that massacres the Palestinian people, that does whatever it wants…because they are supported by the U.S. government.”

(Chavez said the following on a national TV broadcast when talking about the crisis in Honduras, in favor of President Zelaya and the Honduran coup plotters)

JULY 2, 2009

“Zelaya said that if this coup continues one more week he would accuse the world powers and I will accuse the first power which is the United States. Because it is like Israel, the State of Israel, that violates the Palestinians as they wish. Why do they do it? Because they are supported. By whom? The power of the Empire supports them. That is the same thing that happens with the coup plotters fascists in Honduras. They have the support of the extreme right, of CNN, which is an expression of the media, military, industry, financial, terrorist, narco-traffic apparatus, which unfortunately has its epicenter in the U.S. This is a power for evil; this is a warning for Obama. The coup is not against Chavez, the coup is against Obama.”

(On Chavez’s show, Alo Presidente)

JANUARY 11, 2009

Chavez noted that no one from the Venezuelan opposition had expressed outrage over the situation in Gaza. According to Chavez, the lack of statements from the opposition means, “The owners of Israel, in other words, the Empire, are the the owners of the opposition.”

Chavez reiterated his call to send the President of Israel to the International Criminal Court. He called on “Israelis to put their hand on their hearts and reject the Holocaust against the Palestinian people…Your grandparents were persecuted and the entire world rejects the persecution against the Jews and the Holocaust. Are you going to be quiet? [That would be] the negation of yourselves.

(On Chavez’s show, Alo Presidente)

JANUARY 6, 2009

“There are sectors that justify the assassin government of Israel. The President of Israel should be taken to the International Criminal Court together with the U.S. President, if there would be shame in this world…but they accuse us instead.”

“From the bottom of my heart, for the love of life, how many innocent Palestinian children are suffering this instant? And what if it was your child? Under bombs during the day and night? They are cowards bombing innocent people. What great soldiers they are! What valor the Israeli army has!”

“I hope that the Jewish community of Venezuela pronounces itself against these barbaric acts. Do it! Don’t you reject forcefully any act of persecution? Don’t the Jews reject the Holocaust? And what are we living now? Do it! Put your hands in your heart. Be fair. We should all be fair!”

“Among us lives a Palestinian community, that we adore, that we like, as do all of the people of this world. We also like the Jews.”

(Remarks at the Latin American Children’s Cardiology Hospital in Caracas)

JANUARY 5, 2009

“How sad is that Israel continues to behave like the assassin arm of the government of the United States…Israel is killing millions of innocent…The government of Israel is a government of assassins, government engaged in genocide.”

(Remarks at the Teresa Carreno Theater in Caracas)

JULY 4, 2010

“…There is an invisible hand out there…that wants to provoke us. Now they say that I am an enemy of the Jews. That’s a lie. But I have not done anything against the Jews. One thing is the State of Israel and the actions they are committing very occasionally and we are entitled as a state to take a stand. We are independent. And we respect those who support or remain silent before the facts, it is terrible. But they accuse me of being an enemy of the Jews, that we attack the Jewish community, that we support the Colombian guerrillas, that we support terrorism, that we support drug trade, that we violate human rights. You see it is a persistent campaign…”

(President Hugo Chavez on Venezolana de Television, during the closing statements of the New Latin American Group without the US and Canada)

JUNE 26-27, 2010

“The Golan Heights belongs to the Syrian people…the genocidal State of Israel will be put in place, and hopefully a democratic state will be born, with which to share ideas.”

“The Israeli government has become the murderer arm of the U.S. Empire, a threat to people struggling for their freedoms.”

“…We have a common enemy: the U.S. empire and the genocidal State of Israel…[We share the goal] to carry out a socialist revolution, putting ahead the interests of our people.”

(President Hugo Chavez on National Radio of Venezuela (RNV) and Noticias 24 during the official visit of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to Venezuela)

JUNE 6, 2010

“…I want to give my most heartfelt tribute to those who were killed by Israeli commanders who perpetrated truly an operation of massacre. Honor and glory to those martyrs of the human cause!”

(President Hugo Chavez on Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, ABN)

JUNE 2, 2010

“Yankee empire, don’t you see the massacre that the genocidal State of Israel committed against a group of pacifists that were taking humanitarian cargo to the Palestinian people in Gaza, which is surrounded everywhere by Israel. [Israel] doesn’t even allow them water…They massared some people, didn’t you see?”

“I take this opportunity to condemn from the bottom of my soul, from the bottom of my guts: Dam you State of Israel! Damn you! Terrorists and Assassins! [Crowd applauses and shouts ‘Long live Palestine!’] Long live the Palestinian people! Heroic people! Good people!”

“…They accuse me of being an enemy of the Jews, my greetings and respect to the Jewish community. They know they have our affection and respect…I doubt very much that a Venezuelan Jew would support an atrocity like that one [perpetrated by Israel.”

“Now look, the Venezuelan opposition has said nothing against Israel…Israel is financing the Venezuelan opposition, the counter-revolution. There are even groups of Israeli terrorists, of the Mossad, who are after me trying to kill me. That is one of the threats we have against us, only that we have them under control. We know where they move in the Caribbean Islands. They are not invisible. They are actually clumsy most of the time. They are accustomed to fight against the defenseless. Like those of the humanitarian expedition. They fell in the middle of the night bursting ammunition with riffles; peopel who were sleeping; in international waters.”

(President Hugo Chavez on Venezolana de Television, VTV)

Hugo Chavez In His Own Words – Selected quotes on Israel

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