Is a Jew = a Jew?

Above: Both Jews  claim to ‘returning to Palestine’. Is it possible? No! It is  just delusion unless you can tell me that these two Jews on the pictures are both blood relatives and both have lineage in Palestine.

The black Jew on the left of this picture firmly believes his ancestry is from Palestine as does the white Jew on the right?  Who is delusional? The white Jew or the black Jew or both?

DELUSION: a false belief that is resistant to confrontation with actual facts. The state of being deluded or misled. That which is falsely or delusively believed or propagated; false belief; error in belief.


Below are two Yemeni Jews. Is their lineage from Palestine? No! Just like the German Jew, Ethiopian Jew, Russian Jew, Chinese Jew, these two are also converts.

Is a Jew = a Jew?

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