Steve Jobs, the charismatic CEO of Apple, is of Syrian biological descent According to Fortune magazine, Jobs’ biological parents were Abdulfattah ‘John’ Jandali, a Syrian, and Joanne Simpson, both unwed and aged just 23 when Steve was born. Simpson and Jandali put the child up for adoption, and he was brought up by Paul and Clara Jobs.





Ralph Nader

Widely regarded as one of America’s most influential civic activists and social critics, Ralph Nader garnered national fame as a hardnosed consumer advocate and attorney. He stood as a candidate for President of the United States four times.  Born in Connecticut of Lebanese immigrants, his parents Nathra and Rose Nader ran a bakery and restaurant. Nader graduated with distinction from Princeton and Harvard Universities. 
edward said215
Edward Said, who has died aged 67, was one of the leading literary critics of the last quarter of the 20th century. As professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University, New York, he was widely regarded as the outstanding representative of the post-structuralist left in America. Above all, he was the most articulate and visible advocate of the Palestinian cause in the United States, where it earned him many enemies.
Helen Thomas

Thomas covered 10 presidents over nearly half a century, and became a legend in the industry. She was a fixture at White House news conferences — sitting front and center late in her career — where she frequently exasperated government spokesmen with her pointed questions. Helen Thomas died at age 92  July 13, 2013



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