Appropriating Palestinian Food

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Not only did European Jews steal Palestinians lands,

but also Palestinian foods

1. Why sahlab (and hummus) still aren’t “Israeli”

2. Israel’s falafel food fight

3. Falafel, Halloween, and Cultural Appropriation

4. Israel’s obsession with hummus is about more than stealing Palestine’s food, by Ben White

5. Stealing Palestine: A study of historical and cultural theft – Roger Sheety

6. Hummus and falafel are already “Israeli.” Now they’re coming for Palestine’s olive oil too

7. Hummus-ide: ‘After Palestinian land, Israel now covets its food & culture’

8. 13 Delicacies That Aren’t Israeli

9. Rebranding cultural appropriation

10.Settler colonial cultural appropriation of the falafel as part of the ongoing theft of Palestine

11. Palestine Foods – explore


Appropriating Palestinian Food

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