EU leadership divided over settlements

Discussion on Al-Monitor:

EU leadership divided over settlements

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“It will strongly commit itself to advancing peace only together with a committed Israeli partner – only with the rise of a strong Israeli political camp that views the Palestinian leadership as a true partner for peace”
Come again? How many decades have these foreign Europeans Jews been sucking Palestinians resources? And you think they are going to wake up one day and decide to suddenly be the good guys. Again, the Europeans need to recognize that the plight of the Palestinians is as a direct result of Europe gifting Arab land to its Jews as a FINAL SOLUTION.

“As long as the elected representatives of the Israeli public – from the radical right all the way to the moderate left – stand up as one against any measure interpreted as exerting external pressure on Israel, Europe will avoid taking a clear stand.”
Ah, the meaning is clear. Those who are occupying land that does not belong to them and intend on occupying that land because of its immense profit, they are the ones to consent whether or not they are willing to relinquish that land. OK, I got an answer for you: they are not! Now what does Europe do for the Palestinians, the same Palestinians that it victimized when it made the decision that Europeans had the right to decide what became of Arab Palestine.

“it’s no wonder European politicians agree that the occupation is good for the occupied.”
Whoa! Slavery is good for the enslaved, in other words. And coming from Europeans who sent their own Jews in our direction should be ashamed that they have the audacity to condemn the victims of their own deeds. Centuries of conflict between the European people came to end once they offloaded that problem onto our land. The European people are culpable in the Palestinian tragedy and they do not have the luxury to pretend that they are external observers. No, you are not. You hand delivered Palestine to your own Jews on a silver platter.

” Israeli activists who expose the injustice of the occupation are considered “traitors” and called “plants” in their own land”
It is not their own land. Their land is where that original European passport that is stashed away in a safe place for a rainy day says where they are from!

“a blow to tens of thousands of Palestinians employed in factories in the West Bank”Ah, now the safety and security of the colonized Palestinians is finally being discussed. It looks like it is damned if they do and damned if they don’t for the Palestinians. If they do, the Euro-Jews would close shop and those Palestinians who are hopelessly dependent on the white Jew for their survival would go hungry. And if they don’t, the Euro-Jew has no incentive to relinquish any seized property, because he is pocketing truckloads of money from those Palestinians lands. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t, these besieged Palestinians.

“had told the British ambassador to Israel that product labeling “rewards terror”
How so? I racked my brain to find a logical connection between labeling and ‘terror’ and reached nowhere. Come again?

“also destroy the seeds of peace in those employment areas.””

Come again? What peace? Did I miss something?

“(Palestinians) who work shoulder-to-shoulder with their Jewish friends and conduct coexistence there. So the Palestinians are friends with their slave masters? What would one gain by befriending the enemy? Did the South African befriend the white Europeans who ruled over them with an iron rod or where they obeying the dictates of the white European? What is the difference between the European Jews in Palestine and the South African regime? Any differences, please? Are they both not colonial settler states who arrived on the soil of people of color with the utmost contempt for the people on whose land these white Europeans feast? May I ask: Why didn’t the Europeans try coexistence with their own Jews?

EU leadership divided over settlements

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