The following message to you was to be my last message that never got posted:

[Mod] If you don’t want to take my advice that yelling “hasbarah! Hasbarah! You must be hasbarah!” at anyone who disagrees with you on Zionism or Israel is counter-productive — and, yes, azzholish, if that’s a word — that’s up to you. But it’s good advice.

The above is what the ‘Mod’ wrote. Is there even a coherent sentence anywhere? It is hard to understand where the sentence begins and ends since he uses weird punctuation. I find the man to be very strange. If I say ‘hasbara’ and one calls me an asshole, guess what? The asshole is the one calling me an asshole for no reason at all.

If the ASHOLE bans me simply because he is an asshole, I comment on Vice and Mintpress. I can also follow where you are commenting from your profile. Keep up the good work and don’t let assholes stand in the way.