Einstein: Letter to an Arab march 15, 1930

Letter to an arab march 15, 1930 sir, your letter has

The World As I See It By Albert Einstein
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Letter to an ArabMarch 15, 1930
Sir,Your letter has given me great pleasure. It shows me that there is good will available on your side too for solving the present difficulties in a manner worthy of both our nations. I believe that these difficulties are more psychological than real, and that they can be got over if both sides bring honesty and good will to the task.What makes the present position so bad is the fact that Jews and Arabs confront each other as opponents before the mandatory power. This state of affairs is unworthy of both nations and can only be altered by our finding a via media on which both sides agree.I will now tell you how I think that the present difficulties might be remedied;at the same time I must add that this is only my personal opinion, which I have discussed with nobody. I am writing this letter in German because I am not capable of writing it in English myself and because I want myself to bear the entire responsibility for it. You will, I am sure, be able to get some Jewish friend of conciliation to translate it.A Privy Council is to be formed to which the Jews and Arabs shall each send four representatives, who must be independent of all political parties.Each group to be composed as follows:–A doctor, elected by the Medical Association;A lawyer, elected by the lawyers;A working men’s representative, elected by the trade unions;An ecclesiastic, elected by the ecclesiastics.These eight people are to meet once a week. They undertake not to espousethe sectional interests of their profession or nation but conscientiously and tothe best of their power to aim at the welfare of the whole population of thecountry. Their deliberations shall be secret and they are strictly forbidden togive any information about them, even in private. When a decision has beenreached on any subject in which not less than three members on each sideconcur, it may be published, but only in the name of the whole Council. If amember dissents he may retire from the Council, but he is not therebyreleased from the obligation to secrecy. If one of the elective bodies abovespecified is dissatisfied with a resolution of the Council, it may repiace itsrepresentative by another.Even if this “Privy Council” has no definite powers it may nevertheless bringabout the gradual composition of differences, and secure as unitedrepresentation of the common interests of the country before the mandatorypower, clear of the dust of ephemeral politics.Christianity and JudaismIf one purges the Judaism of the Prophets and Christianity as Jesus Christtaught it of all subsequent additions, especially those of the priests, one is leftwith a teaching which is capable of curing all the social ills of humanity.It is the duty of every man of good will to strive steadfastly in his own little
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Einstein: Letter to an Arab march 15, 1930