This man made me so angry. He is exactly like Einstein whereby he believes the Euro-Jew is entitled to Arab land, he believes he and his cousins are Semitic and that Palestinians had not objection to partition, he said  they were not nationalist as the other Arabs. What nonsense.  From here on, I will make sure to counter anything he posts. What did I tell you? That you won’t find any Ashkenazi who would relinquish his silly notion of being from the region. What nonsense.

I am going to have this file passport projected.  I hope you will succeed to open it. we shall see. But what do you think of guys like this one who post messages pretending to be supporting the Palestinians but all along it is about sharing the land.

This is what he wrote:

“Of course other Arab nations would see a Jewish state as colonial imperialism because the Jews would be white Europeans and not dark Semitic people of the Mideast. But the Palestinians otherwise really did not care. They were not nearly as nationalistic as other Arab nations. Jews could have worked out a partition plan that would have succeeded, is they had not been so greedy”