Efraim Perlmutter

He failed to respond to all my comments listed below. Why? How could he?

There is a huge difference between the arrival of refugees to anywhere in the world seeking refuge and the arrival of white Euro-Jewry claiming to be ‘returning’ with a gun on one hand a flag on the other. Palestine is Arab, 100% Arab, a land of its inhabitants who were Muslims, Christians, Jews. What right do Jews from Brooklyn or Ethiopian have the right to land on Arab land? Please do not insult my intelligence and give me one of your hocus-pocus excuses

Who is Palestine occupied but for foreigners? What makes the Europeans in Palestine different from other former colonist of Arabs?

Your village? Really? Where are you from originally?You do know that what you call ‘your village’ is a Palestinian village and you will not be allowed to set foot on it if it were not for your heavily armed colonial gangs protecting you from the natives? They got no villages where you are from?

I am a Semite and I find it disgusting that foreign people want to steal my identity. If you were to stand next to me, you would look vividly as a white European man and I would look like the indigenous people of the ME. What makes you a Semite? You spoke Yiddish as a native tongue, did you not?

Very, very, slippery! You are slippery, because once you identify yourself as a European, then you fear that the excuse you used as ‘coming back’ will evaporate. Yes or no?

What race are the Ashkenazi Jews?

a) M/Eastern
b) African
c) Asian
d) European
e) None of the above

What is your answer?

African? The Ashkenazis despise African peoples. Ask me to prove it to ya!

Are the Zulus entitled to Palestine? If not why?

I asked you before and will ask you again why you think you deserve Palestine more than the Eskimos, the Hutus or the Germans? Your arrogant reference to 3rd world nations noted, because you are indeed a man who originated from 1st world nations, i.e. a white man!

I am telling you that I am native to the region and you are alien to the region. No Ashkenazi ever set foot on that land until the stampede begun to colonize the land. Do you know how silly and how convoluted your reasons for being on that land sound to me? You are European colonizers and nothing more. You forced your way to the land using massive force? Give me one good and valid reason why you think you belong on that land?

1- There is no other people on earth who feel shy or even ashamed to be identified by their true identity as the the European Ashkenazis do. Telling a European Jew that he is European is perceived to be an insult? Can you honestly tell me that a Yemeni Jew has any other connection to a German Jew except for a common religion – just like the Indonesian Muslim has with a Nigerian Muslims?

2- You are entitled to create a nation of your own as long as you not do it on stolen land. Palestine is Arab, 100% Arab, the land of its original inhabitants who were Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc. Who gave you the right to be on that land except another white man like you, Balfour? Go ahead and tell me why you think you have a right to Palestine and not, say, a German Christian or Eskimos or Zulus? Where does that right come from?

3- You will not exist on that land without walking around with your AK47 hanging from your shoulders. Is that how you want to live?

4- I am from the region and there will never come a day when I will accept foreigners on my land. The Algerians pushed out a million French after 100 years. These same Arabs removed the Crusaders. What makes you think that your day won’t arrive?

5- Arab Jews lived as brothers with their Arab brothers and sisters for many decades. It is the stampede of alien white-Euro Jewry that disturbed that peaceful coexistence.

6- Enjoy your stolen village for as long as you have your guns pointed at the natives.


Is there something peculiar to the Ashkenazis that you are considered aliens on your own native Europe? Let me educate you: in my region, every man, woman, child, considers you aliens because you are vividly aliens to the region, very vividly European, just like the British, the Italians, the Germans. The British looked very European on Kenyan soil and you look very-very-very European on Arab soil. But the Yemeni or Iraq or Libyan Jews do look native and not European. You need to look in the mirror and love, cherish, embrace the European skin that you were born wrapped around with. It is so silly for you to say that Europeans considered you aliens while you are totally indistinguishable from the Europeans. Of course, when you are walking around as ‘a Jew’, hair, garb, etc, then and only then can the Europeans set you apart from the rest of the population. One more time, love and embrace your own European origins.

Efraim Perlmutter