Hillary Clinton

1 Should have curled up with your hairdresser before you made it out in public, sista!

2 I think she should probably curl up on the sofa and never leave the house again.

3 Every time I see this defeated hag I think justice for benghazi.

4 You want to curl up and never leave the house again? I assure you many many of us hope you do exactly that.

5 Her ‘people’ are still trying to control her ‘optics’, she looks like a certifiable mentally disturbed person, so, when she starts going to trial, she can use insanity plea.

6 Thank goodness we don’t have to listen to her screechy voice for the next four years. It’s sounds like fingernails on the chalk board.

7 Like a bad smell, just won’t go away.

8 I think she needs to renew her library card and go back to bed.

9 she looks for all the world like a loonatic,has the mask slipped?

10 Weak, frail, and lost, she is. The l..o..n..g fall from atop that high-horse she was promenading on knocked that smug, arrogant countenance off her face. Forget prison. The People denying her what she craved most was the best punishment she could have received. “…as ye sew…”

11 That must have been some hangover lady … They stitched her back up fairly well, considering what they had to go on.

12 We dodged a bullet there for sure!!! I mean look at her, she is practically ready for an embalmer… She had to have been using a Hollywood makeup artist because whoever did hers made her look like she was still alive!

13 Wish she would “curl up and not leave the house”.

14 She wanted to curl up and never leave the house again? Seems like a lot of people wanted that for her too

15 In other news, the pantsuit industry is bracing for massive layoffs.

16 She looks like hell. No doubt she’s plowing through the wine cellar at a record pace.

17 She is like every guys worst mother in law. Shrill, shrieking, shrew.

18 Every decision Hillary makes is calculated. Her reason to show up like this also has a purpose.

19 nice to see you again,Hillary…now go home and don’t ever darken the world stage again.

20 Evil. That is the face of pure evil. Hillary for jail!

21 I bet Bill is thinking “who the hell is that”?

22 Boy she looks like $hit.

23 To answer the question “What is HIllary going to do now?” I would answer “I hope 10 to 20 …”

24 Her reaction about ‘curling up and not leaving the house’ doesn’t suggest to me that the yanks got it wrong! I’m not too sure such an emotive response to a defeat will help another female candidate smash the ‘glass ceiling’!

25 She is hideous.., her inner side is showing on her other side!!

26 Hasn’t washed her hair or face since election night?

27 She wants to curl up and never leave the house again? Please do!

28 Hate to say this but I just can’t stand looking at her. Her chipmunk cheeks and buck teeth are unbearable and her monotone raspy voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

29 Hate to say this but I just can’t stand looking at her. Her chipmunk cheeks and buck teeth are unbearable and her monotone raspy voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

30 She didn’t want to leave her house .So much for her slogan we are stronger together !

31 ‘There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.’ — First good idea that’s ever come from her mouth and we support her in achieving this wish.

32 Does this mean we don’t have to see or hear from her again? I’ll buy the book for you – honest!

33 There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.’ Take your own advice. Or you will be Locked Up!

34 The wicked witch of the liberal democrats is no more. America won and will survive. Now lock her up, lock her up now.

35 Hillary has now thrown away the FAKE SMILES into the trash can after the election.

36 GO OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT ALREADY, you trëacherous, vindíctive old bäg. You’re nothing but pöison to our American cousins.

37 WOW!!! She aged 25 years in 10 days. Whoever runs the Revlon account should enlist her….. the amount of product she would use would surely turn a profit.

38 Clearly, the best thing for this nation was you not becoming president.

39 Nasty woman. Yikes!

40 Oh but if she only would curl up and never leave the house. We can only hope

41 A couple of years ago she was paid $300,000 plus airfare, hotel, limo, and other expenses to give a speech at UCLA university in Los Angeles. If she really cared about poor students she would have donated the money to a scholarship fund for students. She took the money and put it in her bank account which already had over 100 million dollars on it.

42 First she was wandering around in the woods. Now this? Dirty hair. Meandering stories about talking to her dead mother. Dementia + alcoholism maybe. Scary. I do not like her, but hope she gets to rehab soon.

43 Hillary, go away until your trial starts.

44 She looks like she’s lost weight, that hike in the woods after the election worked wonders for her figure.

45 She does not look well at all. All the jokes, politics aside, is she really healthy?

46 “All of her hidden evil signs and mean character are slowly popping up after her humiliating loss!

47 She is physically and mentally not well. We dodged a bullett.

48 Did she fire the person who does her makeup and hair? Jeez….I would not go out looking that bad.

49 She should have stayed home curled up with a book and her dogs.

50 With the demise of Hillary, looks like glamour shots will go out of business as well.

51 good riddance. lets hope she follows her instinct and never leaves her house again. somehow i dont think we can be that lucky. hopefully the next time we see her she will be doing a perp walk.

52 If you would have never come out of your house again, I am sure there would not have been many complaints!

53 It is good that this evil traitor didn’t have to face a crisis such a presidents sometimes do, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. That job offers no chance to crumble under pressure as she assuredly did.

54 ‘wanted to curl up and never leave the house again’ Best thing that has ever exited her mouth!

55 Thank God almighty this crazed hag didn’t win.

56 Hillary, Go Away.

57 We all wish she would curl up to a good book and never come out again. It’s your best idea in 30 years – implement it!

58 I notice that Hillary has shed the constant, open mouth smiling face she wore during the campaign. She looks less plastic now.

59 go home, relax and enjoy your grandkids….we are fed up of you

60 This is the same old Hillary, minus her three hour makeup and hair job.

61 Clintons need to go away and stay away

62 I couldn’t stop crying either! Sweet sweet tears of joy.

63 Can we all just stop talking about hilliary’s health now? Seeing as how it doesn’t matter to anyone anymore. In fact, lets just stop talking about hilliary, outside of announcing charges/indictments.

64 BUT, showing up in public looking so haggard, no face paint, is just a ploy for sympathy.

65  this beaten down, broken shell of a woman who is now a mere shadow of her former self

66 Looks as if she made a pact to not wash her hair ever again if she lost.

67 She is actually, behind closed doors, a vile, foul-mouth, wrench full of anger, rage and corruption. That is the real HC.

68 The thought of never having to see or hear from a Clinton again is just too delicious to resist

69 You should never have been a candidate in the first place, too old, too weak, no morals or American values, too dishonest.

70 She looks like she just got out of bed, was on her way to the bathroom and wandered off.

71 Imagine HOW rough it was for PARENTS of those 4 people in Benghazi YOU, KILLARY KILLED!!!

72 Is “Walking Dead” hiring anymore Zombies?

73 Hair, make-up and Botox can’t put Humty Dumpty back together again. Her loss will scar her forever. JUSTICE was served.

74 We aren’t falling for your attempt at sympathy. You are a criminal and should be in jail. I can’t wait for sentencing day. You allowed 4 Americans to be killed while you stood by and did nothing and then lied to cover up your despicable behavior. GO AWAY until called to court.

75 Did Hillary never hear about keeping a stiff upper lip? About smiling though your heart is breaking? About sucking it up, buttercup? About “powering through”? Apparently not. She’s a weakling masquerading as a strong woman.

76 Most terminal alcoholics look this way after they’ve been on a multi-day bender and then forced to sober up.

77 For someone who had a make up artist and hairdresser with her 24/7 during the campaign and at her beck and call anytime, her “look” last night was to gather sympathy from her supporters. Who is she kidding?

78 Hillary and Bill are corruption personified. They are pure greed and have dark putrid souls.

79 This is how she has looked for quite some time. It was the makeup artists who did their serious magic during the electron.

80 What a joke. She wanted sympathy, so she purposely forgos make up and hair. There is something going on behind the scenes. All choreographed, For what? We’ll find out soon enough.

81 Bad character, bad face. Her evil shines through…..

82 Hillary needs Christ in her life, our prayers, and a rapid fade away into history.

83 Hillary is the wrong person in any time.

84 She isn’t a “leader” at all, never has been, never will be…now just a true “has been”.

85 I would have been fine with a strong woman as president, hilliary isn’t one.

86 Clinton is evil and mad in equal measure. The US, and the world, had a lucky escape when American voters rejected this warmonger and chose Mr Trump.

87 The problem was not Hillary Clinton is a woman.

88 The problem was the woman was Hillary Clinton.

89 Hillary Clinton will make a GREAT Commander in T H I E F …..If she wins bolt the furniture to the floor in the White House

90 She can’t even walk without assistance

91 Hillary doesn’t care if she lasts only a few months in office, (God forbid!)!! She wants to go down in history as the first woman President! That’s all she cares about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

92 I’m going to SO enjoy seeing her locked up. Disgusting.

93 The biggest surprise is that she didn’t collapse on her way to the voting booth, or faint, or go all swivel-eyes. She even seemed to know what planet she is on, which is an improvement. True, Billy Goat Clinton had to prop her up, but he’s been doing that for a very long time. Is this really Hillary or the double the Democrats have been using all year?

94 She looks like she is being propped up by Bill Clinton. This is not a well woman.

95 She can’t even walk without assistance. Is this who America wants? 30 years, 30 flucking years she’s had to do it. I want her gone. I want all the Clinton’s and their baggage gone.

96 Both Hill and Bill look ILL

97 Why is her secret doctor always so close by, with the diazepam pen at the ready???

98 Is he holding her up or the other way around? They both look unwell.

99 When she curls up with the book it will have to be the bible as that is all she will get at her maximum security jail.

100 The embodiment of evil, she is monster.

101 She looks medicated or drunk or both? She is so tipsy Bill has to hold her. up. It is no wonsder Putin has no respect for her. God save America if she is elected…

102 that wicked woman can’t walk to door by herself…

103 She has the weirdest facial expressions.

104 Good grief, what drugs is she on? I may need them if she wins.

105 Lol! She looks atrocious in 90% of those pics. She looks either crazy or slow.

106 If the (unt Hillary wins, the joke will be on her. The desk she’ll be using had Monica under it blowing her husband slick Wily

107 They both look like they belong in a nursing home! Go away Clintons…you’ve stained our country enough with your wickedness.

108 That picture says he is propping her again!

109 As Hillary and Bill walk arm and arm, who is holding up the other? Both have serious failing health issues. No question about it. It’s all on video.

110 Someone’s always got a hold on Hillary.. something must be wrong with her health.

111 I hate this lying b.i.tch. She is so fake.

112 God Help Us if she is elected President! She will make history as the first female president but also as the first felon to enter the White House, not a good start!

113 Emotional Hillary will cry a flood of tears when she loses tonight. Bye, bye, Hillary. Work on your defense for all of your crimes.

114 Can she even stand up without help? Who votes for this sad sick woman?

115 The Parkinson’s is defiantly taking its toll, if elected will she last the full term? This is why I think this is an elitist stitch u

116 Hillary can barely walk. There is something wrong with her.

117 Anyone seen a picture of Hellarie standing alone, without someone propping her up?? geeze! I guess the silver lining if she manages to steal the election is that she’s not long for this world.

118 She has to take a nap now after casting 17 ballots for herself….

119 Bill looks like he is holding Hillary up- she looks off balance

120 Can this creature not walk on her own? Clearly she needs a walker-ya know, the kind with tennis balls. Seriously, I wish Wikileaks could get their hands on her medical records.

121 This woman’s facial expressions make me physically sick.

122 Demons….both of them….including Huma.

123 Bill is holding onto Ole Cankles like she’s Clinton Foundation money…

124 Bill has to hold her up so she doesn’t tip over.

125 Look at that lean. She can’t even walk unassisted. Selfish woman, running for this office in her state of health.

126 Bloodsucking couple..

127 Either she’s emotional because of poor mental health and the realization that she is going to lose, or she knows that she will be the first president to be impeached before ever taking office.

128 She looks barely sentient! And Bill is scoping out the girls – Still! What a pair! She is still riding his coat tails – Always will!

129 Hooey. The woman has ice water in her veins.

130 What a farce! She should be in prison, and we all know it!

131 I have never seen these two touch before. It is all so fake. If he lets her go, she plants on her face.

132 She is clearly very ill if she needs Bill to hold her up like this. You don’t see Trump using Melania as a cane or walking stick.

133 Bill looks like he was just released from the dementia center.

134 Look at the pic, Bill is holding her up to stop her falling.

135 The only thing that would make tonight’s win for Trump better is if we caught a live reaction of the moment Hillary finds out she lost.

136 She looks higher than a kite

137 Look how Bill is holding onto Hillary’s arm in most of the pictures so she won’t fall over.

138 Evil grin smile of hers. Don’t let this thing into the White House.

139 I am almost 64 years old and words cannot describe the absolute disgust I have for the Clintons.

140 First woman president. Do we need to be reminded? Some idiots will vote for her for that reason alone. She needs to lose for America’s sake

141 Not only is she being held up again but what is wrong with her eyes?

Hillary Clinton