Defending Islam and Muslims

Hello: I write to you today to invite you to join us in our online battle to defend Muslims who have been maligned and smeared. There was no such hatred of Islam until Zionists conquered Palestine and that hatred multiplied after 911 by a thousand fold. I have been amazed to see how little Muslims participate in the online debates to defend the honor of their people and their religion. The Jews who only make up 0.2% of world population are over represented.There are Muslims 500 per 1 Jew in the world but they are highly active and very vocal online and offline while the Muslims are underrepresented. I have been very busy doing my very best to defend the honor of Arabs and Muslims by commenting online. But we are so few and the reason for writing to you today is to see if you would join us and we can become a group that can get involved in online activism.

Hope to hear back from you soon, very soon.

You must rise up and defend your people and your religion.

Here are a few links that contain some of my comments.

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Defending Islam and Muslims