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jack yojo: The nerve of the government of Syria wanting to control Syria.Juan Cole is a despicable warmonger, his words, like him, are rubbish.
CoCoLuv949: Juan Cole… still carrying water for the propagandists. What a guy!
Eve: Aw, Juan is sad that the regime change operation failed and Syria won’t end up like Libya, a failed state replete with a full on 21st century slave trade. It’ll be okay Juan, I’m sure there’ll be another imperialist war of aggression in the near future you can help dress up as a humanitarian intervention and cheerlead for all while acting like a sober, neutral and informed analyst. Unfortunately for the future victims and for those of us who will be exposed to your propoganda here on TD.
Jono Aylmer — Wow, this person is a professor? Those poor students…
JDo — Truthdig should not give a podium to “liberal” neocons like Prof. Juan Cole.
Bill Rood — He didn’t forget it. He admitted to being one of the R2P useful idiots that supported the UN “no-fly” resolution that any fool would have known would be turned into regime change.
Brad Benson — There is not one single comment in this thread in favor of this liar and propagandist and yet it continues. Does Truthdig care about the concerns of its readers?
Cloudchopper — His articles are all over the place here. I know I keep repeating myself but he writes about anything and everything and he gets to be published here.
Cloudchopper — On a mighty big payroll at that.
Doran Zeigler — As usual, Cole writes another piece that totally obscures reality. He talks about regime change as if AmeriKKKa is looking to install a “democratic” system.
Doran Zeigler — Isn’t Truthdig supposed to be progressive? Keeping Cole around dispels any myth of progressivism.
Doran Zeigler — What is with Truthdig? Why do they keep Cole on the payroll, or does he spread his crap for free because no one else wants his bull? Cole is an unabashed apologist and liar for the Elites.
jim james — Astonishing, but then again I always knew Cole is full of crap.
jim james — I came here only to verify that Juan Cole really said this, “Americans are practical people and they incorrectly believe that all problems have relatively simple solutions.”
jojo — How can Juan Cole’s family sit at the same dinner table as this blatant propagandist? Does he teach his son to lie like this, or has Arman disowned him?
Kim Dixon — I don’t get it… there are actually leftist, antiwar commentators out there, after all.
Kim Dixon — Is Cole present here just to raise the blood pressure of TD’s core audience?
Marko — I’m seriously considering Truthdigexit.
Michael Valentine — I’m guessing Dr. Cole is on the payroll.
Morgan Weisser — Mr. Cole seems to “forget” a lot of things, as they happen right in front of his face. He’s a joke.
Morgan Weisser — Stop posting Juan Coles imperial apologies and disinformation. Please.
mulga mumblebrain — Almost every word is a filthy lie.
mulga mumblebrain — I every day pray that Cole and all the other lying propagandists for mass murder and aggression somehow, one day, get the Streicher treatment. I pray long and hard for justice and just desserts.
theghostofjh –This guy Cole writes too much and thinks too little.
truedigger3 — Juan Cole is full of shit and he knows it! This is a very misleading article!
truedigger3 — No. He thinks a lot! He is always thinking about how to lie to, bullshit and mislead his readers about US policies in the Middle East and its wars of aggression there!
Uncle Joe — Mr. Cole seems to have forgotten the US war of aggression in Libya.
Uncle Joe — Shame on you Truthdig for publishing this imperialist propagandist. It is a slap in the face to your readers who care deeply about ending imperialism. Shame on you.
Wally — Boycotting Juan Cole. Didn’t read it.
Brad Benson — it is painful to see this otherwise superb site continually publish the mendacious manure, which is published under the byline of the sleazy CIA Asset who calls himself “Juan” Cole.
Brad Benson — It is quite another for the site to continually publish what can only be described as blatant lies and pro-war propaganda, much of which is produced by CIA and Pentagon Psy-ops Ghostwriters.
Brad Benson — there is not a single Juan Cole Article that has been published on this site in the last year that has not been met with criticism by nearly everyone that has taken the time to comment.
Brad Benson — Truthdig cannot, in good faith, call itself a progressive site so long as Juan Cole is permitted to continue to gleefully celebrate CONQUEST, WAR, PESTILENCE AND DEATH as a regular feature on the site.
Brad Benson — Each time Cole posts one of his propaganda screeds, it is met with a unanimous chorus of approbation from nearly everyone on the thread.
Brad Benson — I again respectfully request that the editors of Truthdig take a serious look at this individual and fill his column space with another writer that has a reputation for credibility and veracity
Ben Bache — Division street America. Juan Cole works for the CIA, which operates to divide people and instill fear in them. And they have done a marvelous job.
prisonersdilema — Juan Cole is a lying manipulative traitor to this country.
greghilbert — Juan Cole is a warmongering shill for Wall Street’s CIA and DLC Dems. This reader thinks it unnecessary to conjecture as to why TD is nonetheless publishing him daily, and Hedges only rarely.
Peter Quinn — I can smell Juan Cole’s desperation to be relevant from here…
readytotransform — If I ever respond to this man’s articles, which is almost never, I call him ‘John’ Cole. Because that is his actual name. I find it amusing that he changed his birth name.
lostcorsair — why Cole is still here??? No CIA Koonts.
Brad — Once again, there is almost universal agreement in these threads that Juan Cole should not be published on this site. Once again, Truthdig ignores its readers. Why? This guy’s columns celebrate WAR CRIMES on a daily basis. Shame on you.
Brad Benson — He’s a liar, a pernicious propagandist, a second-rate “college professor” and a third rate CIA Disinformation Specialist
Cerberus79 — Have you read his treatise on cooking artichokes?
Cerberus79 — As far as Cole himself is concerned, “expertise” is absolutely no guarantee of objectivity, fairness, impartiality, or avoiding the manipulation of data for his own purposes.
Cloudchopper – Cole has now become the expert on war, the environment, religion, immigration, politics, social issues, cooking, vegetarians, vegans, animals etc.
Cloudchopper — Wow Truthdig! You really do not have to overdo it. We know you have to bow down to the corporate elites – which means Hillary at this point -in order to get other good articles across – but you do not have to give us three, four or more articles by Cole every day. The guy is all over the place here.
greghilbert — Cole is a warmongering shill for Wall Street’s CIA and DLC Dems.This reader thinks it unnecessary to conjecture as to why TD is nonetheless publishing him daily, and Hedges only rarely.
Midnight — Another excuse making piece by JOHN “identity issues” Cole for religious idiocy backed by the assertions of a narcissistic, ego driven fraud. Another false dichotomy, another day for JOHN.
Uncle Joe — Only the people who work for Truthdog enjoy Cole – nobody else does. Yet he is published.
Wally — my gut says something is off about the guy. And the pieces I have read thus far- smack of propaganda. I don’t like his writing to say the least. It seems contrived for some reason.
Wally — Well it is good to know that Truthdig listens to its commentors! Several of us have asked for no more Juan Cole, and what do we get this morning? Even MORE Juan Cole articles. Amazing. I didn’t read this one and I won’t read the other 2 or 3 either.
Bobbylon — Dragon Rising? No red baiting there eh CIA Juan? More nations coming for pest control against Obama’s liver eaters, child rapists and head loppers . Poor Juan. His team is losing so he resorts to scaremongering.
Weaksauce Truthdig — Get a new Middle East writer pronto
Brad Benson – Juan Cole’s pernicious propaganda does not belong on this site. Period.
phillip sawicki – Where did TD dig up this guy Cole? This is more CIA bullshit.
A Native – He’s a CIA sycophant, that’s probably where they got him….
Brad Benson – Juan Cole doesn’t belong on Truthdig, but I think I read somewhere that he and Robert Scheer go back a long way. This is the only reason that I can possibly see for Truthdig, an allegedly progressive site, to publish the bloodthirsty screeds of a sleazy-slimeball like Juan Cole. Either that or the CIA pays them a regular stipend to continue to publish Cole’s Crap.
lostcorsair – Can we start a petition or something???
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