What is The Hill scared of?

Timeout? I have never come across such a message at Disqus. I have been

commenting at the Hill for 2 years (on and off) and during that time hardly

any of my comments were deleted. Frankly, I was grateful for that but also

surprised by that. As you can see from the pictures and videos below that

were deleted by The Hill, I do my best to expose the fraud that a totally white

European people, the Ashkenazi, are descended from Israelite. They are a

European people and not Middle Eastern.  I am Middle Eastern and one look

at the Ashkenazi, I am looking at George Bush or Hillary Clinton. We, the

people of the Middle East, are a people of color. As they say, a picture is

worth a thousand words and the pictures that were deleted do tell a story.

What we now have in Palestine are total aliens claiming to be “returning”. In

fact, the Ashkenazi and the Eskimos are at exactly the same level of Middle

Eastern ancestry, which is 0% for both. In fact, the Ashkenazi are one of the

purest of any European groups at 99.9% European DNA. As Sholomo Sand,

the author of “The Invention of the Jewish People” said that the revelation

that the Ashkenazi are not descended from Abraham but rather from the

Khazars is very scary for them because they fear that they will lose legitimacy

and world support for their colonization of Palestine if more and more

people become aware that the Ashkenazi are simply a European people who

converted to Judaism.

Note: You know what they say about those who try to silence the truth that

the harder they try the faster the truth gets out. In this case, the pictures

displayed here were only links at The Hill since their blog does not display

images. But now, I will be spreading this link everywhere I comment and one

click on the link and all that images are all displayed all at once!

The following were all deleted by The Hill.



What is The Hill scared of?