Ashkenazi Jews have Ashkenazi DNA

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Ashkenazi Jews have Ashkenazi DNA

Ahed Tamimi attacking Zionist soldiers.

 The Tamimi family are always looking to make sensational dramas that would propel them to fame and fortune. They got lucky this time around. An IDF soldier attacked the Tamimi boy and the entire family came to his rescue – except the father – who stood on the sidelines and just watched – except for a 10 second period where he pretended to help and immediately left leaving his own family in extreme danger. No other father in the world would have abandoned his family at such a dangerous time while fighting an armed Zionist. The reason why he chose to stay away was because he was thinking how much more sensational the video would be if only women were fighting the soldier. When asked why he stayed away, he replied by saying that had he remained at the scene assisting his family that he was worried he might escalate the situation and he said he worried the soldiers might start shooting. What utter nonsense. The Tamimi family makes their living acting for the cameras and they in fact make a good living.

The fake actress knew she could be outrageously out of control and suffer no consequences because she knows the Zionists are not stupid enough to strike back while the event was being recorded by hundreds of cameras.  The only thing this fake blond wants to achieve is stardom,  the more sensational the video is the more her fame.

The bleached blond gained fame and stardom when her mother videotaped her flexing her 11-year old fists at the Zionist soldiers.  She was reciting what her mother told her to say and the Zionist soldiers were laughing at her and being entertained by her. Courage? While her mother was only 1 foot away videotaping her daughter’s acting performances?  C’mon!

The silly actress needs to understand what the Zionist would do to her if there were no cameras.

Here is the bleached blond being interviewed and what we see is that she speaks very softly, very timid, nervous and scared. But when she feels she is on stage performing like her interview when she came out of jail, she can look to be very courageous, confident, loud and obnoxious.  Which one is the real Ahed? Of course, the timid and shy one. She is a very good actress. 



The bleached blond b-tch gained her fame by bleaching her hair blond.

Ahed Tamimi attacking Zionist soldiers.