Einstein Letter to the Editor Manchester Guardian 12th October 1929


Einstein 1929…Arab mobs” in Palestine, October 1929

Letter to the Editor Manchester Guardian 12th October 1929

It was with a wonderful enthusiasm and a deep sense of gratitude that the Jews, afflicted more than any other people by the chaos and horror of the war, obtained from Great Britain a pledge to support the re-etablishment of the Jewish national home in Palestine.

There were Arab Jews who lived the land in peace and harmony. ‘The Jews’ Einstein was referring to were European Ashkenazi, total foreigners to the alnd. He uses words like ‘re-establish’ as a way to say these Europeans were only coming back to their homeland. Very decepitive.

The Jewish people, beset with a thousand physical wrongs and moral degradations, saw in the British promise the sure rock on which it could re-create a Jewish national life in Palestine,

How do you ‘re-create’ anything after 2000 years absence. And where is the voice of the Arabs if they wished foreigners stmpeding to their land?

100,000 hand-picked Jews entered Palestine to redeem by their physical labour the almost derelict land. Deserts were irrigated, forests planted, swamps drained, and their crippling diseases subdued.

Yes, these Europeans whose hands had never touched soil with no farming experience were there to make the desert bloom and the Arabs whose lives depended on their agriculgtuoreal skills were just waiting for European Jews to show them the way to caltivate. So pompous and so horribly deceptive.

Arab mobs, organised and fanaticised by political intriguers working on the religious fury of the ignorant, attacked scattered Jewish settlements and murdered and plundered wherever no resistance was offered.

It is not religious fury or ignroance but simply a native people objecting to being overwhelmed why white Europeans without their consent. What other people on earch would receive foreigners on red carpet? What nonsense this famous scientis was spewwin. It may have been wise for him to see if a single person in the region had the name of Einstein and the asnwer would have been zero and perhaps he would have realized that he was a foreing European.

Jews have sent their sons and daughters and have given their voluntary offerings for this great work of peaceful reconstruction.

I think it woule help had he said ‘European Jews’ since the native Jews were aready there and could nto be sent from anywhere.

Is it not bewildering that, after all this, brutal massacres by a fanaticised mob can destroy all appreciation of the Jewish effort in Palestine and lead to a demand for the repeal of the solemn pledges of official support and protection?

Had the man looked around Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Iraq, they were not happy campers, they all resented the presence of European foriengers on their land. Just because Einstein had this delusion about coming back does not make European Jews less of a European people. They were just as European as the British or the French.

In the re-establishmen of the Jewish nation in the ancient home of the race, where Jewish spiritual values could again be developed in a Jewish atmosphere, the most enlightened representatives of Jewish individuality see the essential preliminary to the regeneration of the race and the setting free of its spiritual creativeness.

Here we go agains with like, re-esgablishment, re-create, re-cnstrruction, as a way of saying European Jews were just coming back hence no need to ask the Arabs for their consent.

It is by these tendencies and aspirations that the Jewish re-construction in Palestine is informed.

A foreign people do not just start work in a foreing country which takes a lot of investment without prior assurance that they were there to stay. Of all, Jews are not going to throw their money away.

During the whole of the work of Jewish colonisation not a single Arab has been dispossessed; every acre of land acquired by the Jews has been bought at a price fixed by buyer and seller.

Yes, their were buying the land with a very calculated agenda of knowing they were buying them at very cheap prices.

Indeed, every visitor has testified to the enormous improvement in the economic and sanitary standard of the Arab population resulting from the Jewish colonisation.

He uses the word colonization and at the same tme he says it was the right of Euroean Jews to be in Palesine as their anceint homeland. Kind of confusing.

Friendly personal relations between the Jewish settlements and the neighbouring Arab villages have been formed throughout the country.

Since when is any people friendly towards a foreign people who arrived uninvted to colonize the land.

The native population has come to realise in an ever growing measure the benefits, economic, sanitary and intellectual, which the Jewish work of reconstruction has bestowed on the whole country and an its inhabitants.

If being colonized was so dandy, why do millions of Africans and Asians rose up against their European colonizers?

Does public opinion in Great Britain realise that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who is the centre of an the trouble, and speaks so loudly in the name of all the Moslems

Well, it means the Grand Mufti was not a sell out. Resistance of colonialism is a very naturl reaction to any colonized people.

The mentality of this man may be gauged from a recent statement he gave to an interviewer accusing me, of all men, of having demanded the rebuilding of the Temple on the site of the Mosque of Omar.

He is on his land, and Einestain and his cousins were foreign Europeans

Jews do not wish to live in the land of their fathers under the protection of British bayonets: they come as friends of the kindred Arab nation.

This was his way of establishing the Euroepean Jews were the cousins of the Arabs. But when one the last time a cousin goes into his cousin’s home and demand that they share the houuse. You think the cousins would be thrilled, specially when the counsin arrived uninvited?

I cannot believe that the greatest colonial Power in the world will fail when it is faced with the task of placing its unique colonising experience at the service of the reconstruction of the ancient home of the People of the Bible.

Just a very silly arguement to demand land after 2000 years,but also keep in miund that no Euroepan Jew is a Semite, not one.

The task may not be an easy one for the Mandatory Power, but for the success it will attain it is assured of the undying gratitude not only of the Jews but of all that is noblest in mankind.

Well, these are indeed the same people that Europe wanted to just get rid of. The question then is why?

{signed} Albert Einstein – Albert Einstein, About Zionism , pp 54-62

Einstein Letter to the Editor Manchester Guardian 12th October 1929